Free Animation Software For Creating Video Animations

If you like to create videos for your business or social media marketing then this neat little animation tool can help you create some really cool animation effects.

Basically it will take SVG images and animate them to your liking. You can also include text animations so you can create an entire video using animated clips from this free program.

Save each video clip as a GIF file or as SWF files (Shockwave Flash files)  and import into your video creation software to create a full length commercial video for your website.

GIF files will “stand alone” in that you can post quick little animations to your social media pages such as Facebook, Pinterest etc.

Creating engaging animations will help new customers get to know your company brand and thus creating a troop of loyal customers.

The FREE version of this software will allow you to create thousands of versions of animations. All you need are SVG files that you have the right to use. You can also import PNG files into the software to use an backgrounds or inanimate objects.

Depending on the type of SVG you use, some can be “broken apart” to create even more unique animations.

Download the software and have a play around with it.

You can use in, out and pause animations to create some fun videos.

We will be providing you with some tutorials to help get you started soon.



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